Picture Book of Farm Animals - 'My First Wooden Book'

Small Foot

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This is a gorgeous wooden book for little ones to begin to recognise common farm animals.  It will help your little readers recognise the 8 individual funny pictures of animals and associate them with the sounds the animals make.  It will help with colour and texture, touch and  recognition.

The pictures are printed on 10 pages of neutral safe varnished wood and it is a firm favourite with toddlers and mums and dads alike. It is often kept by parents to remind them of their baby's first book long after they have grown up!

The animals in the book are sheep, cat, chicken, duck, horse, pig and cow and each has a peep hole in it's body with an individual fabric insert eg. the sheep has a woollen insert etc. for baby to feel.

Suitable for little boys and girls from age 12 months and above.

Manufactured primarily from wood with small round fabric inserts.

From Small Foot.

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