Hide & Find Activity Locking 'Toddler's Treasure Play Box

Small Foot

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Allow us to introduce our best selling multifunction Activity Locking Play Box to you. It is a colourful solid wooden constructed box with multiple doors and windows each fitted with a different locking system which will encourage eye-hand co ordination, fine-motor skills and promote thought processes in your child. Will they manage to open them all?

Experience shows that they toddlers will begin with a simple latch or bolt and progress to the locks giving them supreme satisfaction. They can then use the box to hide their own little treasures and will sit for ages putting them in and out, in one door then out of a different window and so on. Simple but entertaining educational fun.

Success will create delight and it will become a well loved personal treasure chest for them in which you will no doubt find all sorts of things hidden when they have finally gone to bed!

It measures roughly 20 x 12 x 14 cm.

Suitable for boys and girls from 3 years and above.

From Small Foot.


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