About Us

Welcome to Wood and Wonder and our exciting small family-run business with a selection of funky wooden toys to inspire imagination and creative play for babies to preschoolers.

We understand children and what they would like to play with and also what parents and grandparents would like them to play with.
Toys need to be fun, colourful and provide hours of entertainment. We look for toys designed to be educational and help encourage development in may areas (like fine and gross motor skills, speech and language, social skills etc.). They need to be a good price, excellent quality and stand the test of time. These are just some of the factors we look for when we hand-pick all of our beautiful wooden toys.
Without the distraction of modern life, timeless wooden toys encourage imaginative play with endless potential. It’s not a case of pushing a button and watching a battery-operated toy do its own thing - children must manually push, pull, turn, lift, shake, rattle and roll.
It also goes without saying that wooden toys have far less impact on the environment than plastic ones. Sustainably sourced timber and natural materials contain less, if any, toxins, and thus are much safer for your child.
Our ‘toy testers’ have given the thumbs up to all of our products (you should see the state of our play room), but if you have any comments or suggestions, please get in touch.
Children only get one chance at childhood - let’s make it one to remember.