Push & Pull Toys – How do they benefit my growing toddler?

Wooden push and pull toys are an excellent way to help your little one take their first steps and continue with them as they begin to walk around. But why are they beneficial? We hope to answer that.

Start with Push Toys

Push toys are designed for infants who are just about to find their feet. Our wooden toys have rigid poles which will help them firstly get to their feet and provide the stability they need at this very early stage of walking. I suppose it would act in a similar way to a walking stick.

Then as they begin those first steps, the push toy will help act as a buffer for obstacles up ahead – a sort of look ahead tool. The skill of avoiding obstacles is something we all learnt at some point and this kind of toy will certainly aid this.

As with all children’s toys, the design should actively encourage your children to want to play more. This is achieved in our wooden push toys by the ‘clacking’ sound generated as the toy rolls along the floor and the bright hand painted colours, safe by European standards of course. Having a character they love always helps too.

Help your little one along by showing them how to do it – push the toy along the floor. They will want to imitate you and this will encourage them to really develop their new skill.

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Then move onto Pull Toys

Once they’ve mastered the basics and have started toddling along with their new push toy, introduce a new friend in a pull toy. Again help them in knowing what to do by pulling the toy along to help them imitate you. But why now a pull toy?

A wooden pull toy will aid the development onto more advanced stages of their new skill. So far the push toy has helped identify obstacles by alerting of those ahead, now the pull toy gives a new friend to concentrate on behind them as they walk. A friend in the character of the toy along side them will give them the confidence to explore that big wide open space ahead. Now as those coordination skills develop. your toddler will have to avoid obstacles themselves. Be on standby for the odd bumped head!

Of course these are all essential coordination skills we take for granted as an adult, but we all learnt them at some point!

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