Music and the Development of Babies & Toddlers

It is well understood that babies pay attention to the familiar sounds of their parents voices and noises around the house. They can often fall asleep to the sounds of a lullaby either sung or with the aid of a Music Box or Musical Carousel. Baby will love to hear and make noises with early toys such as a Bell Rattle or Shaker.

As baby continues to grow they will develop recognition of these familiar sounds responding with excitement, smiles and giggles and as mum and dad sing along. Baby will often respond with arm movements and by kicking helping to develop not only their muscles but also memory, melody and repeated words. Parents can participate by swaying and moving with the rhythm of the music.

Later as baby learns to stand and jump they will often sway to their favourite lullaby’s and music mimicking their parents. This is all part of their bonding and early learning process by engagement, connection and interaction.

As baby becomes a toddler more complex instruments such as recorders, xylophones, tambourines and drums become important expression toys which can enhance the learning process as they join in enjoying their direct command of the noises created.

Wood and Wonder stock a wide range of musical toys including both music boxes and carousels along with basic and more advanced musical instruments which can take them into pre school participation.

Take a look at Musical Corner at Wood and Wonder.

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