Fair Trade Toys from Lanka Kade available now!

We have really fallen in love with Lanka Kade wooden toys here at Wood and Wonder. They represent everything we strive to be in our little family-run company and although were haven’t posted on our blog for a while, we’d like to take this opportunity to do so.

We discovered Lanka Kade when visiting a Toy Fair in Birmingham, having a look for exciting new products for our website. They are a company based in Market Harborough, not far from us really. The really beautiful thing about them is all of their toys we supply are Fair Trade and come with an attached story about the Artisan who crafted them.

“Lanka Kade” actually translates as “the Sri Lankan Shop” and although the toys are designed in the UK, they are carefully manufactured by Artisans in Sri Lanka. Lanka Kade actually offers their producers interest-free long-term business loans, training in health and safety and on-going support to comply with their Fair Trade principals.

Another important factor for us is Lanka Kade’s eco credentials. Most of their toys are manufactured from sustainable rubber wood. I can remember Sri Lanka as being a big producer of rubber when I visited a few years ago. Once the tree has produced all the rubber it can (after around 10 years of rubber production I believe), Lanka Kade uses the tree to manufacture their wooden toys.

We also love the simplicity and robust nature of their toys. We’ve chosen to supply a mixture of both classic and innovative designs from them – ranging from their beautiful solid wooden Noah’s Arks, to Castle-themed building blocks, to classic colourful children’s jigsaws. All colourful, engaging and a few being the original design for these types of toys.

We hope you will love Lanka Kade as much as we do.

Click here to see our Lanka Kade range.

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